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Whether you are looking for primary care for overall wellness or need specialized care for some serious condition, you can always trust Auckland City Medical Centre for high-quality and innovative services. Our healthcare experts combine expertise and compassion to work on your unique health needs and personalize special care plans only for you.

All the care providers at Auckland City Medical Centre share the same commitment. Our patients’ health, safety, convenience and comfort are our top priority.

Patient-Centric Approach

Auckland City Medical Centre always prioritizes patient’s comfort at every stage of their journey. The reason it is everyone’s first choice is that it focuses on making the patient’s experience as smooth as possible. Our experts make sure patients are given all the necessary information so they can make their decisions faster. Moreover, you can always visit our website for comprehensive information about the services, facilities etc. we offer. Above all, the staff at Auckland City Medical Centre is trained to treat patients with utmost respect and care. We understand that the key to empowering patients is by providing them with all the significant facilities.

Specialized expertise no matter your condition

You will be glad to know that doctors at Auckland City Medical Centre are experts in diagnosing and treating every medical condition, no matter how common or complex it is. Our experts stay up to date about new treatments and medical devices, so when new advances become available, they are always ready to offer them to the patients. Moreover, Auckland City Medical Centre has a collection of great minds that never stop caring and understand that healthcare is personal.

Focused leadership

The best thing about Auckland City Medical Centre is the fact that it has dedicated and highly qualified individuals in the topmost positions. They know how to take charge and take the medical centre in the right direction. Besides being good at their job, they are extremely empathetic towards the patients.

Deliver compassionate care

Commonly, when patients enter through any healthcare centre, they are going through some vulnerable times. They are not only looking to get better but also expect compassion and comfort. Here at Auckland City Medical Centre, our healthcare professionals communicate honestly and assure their patients that they are not alone in their battle. For our doctors, empathy is an important component in order to deliver outstanding patient care.

Commit to excellence

We didn’t land up to being the best Auckland City Medical Centre for no reason. Our commitment to excellence is what gave us this honor. Furthermore, our staff is dedicated to taking the right measures and employ improvements. From senior doctors to contact centre operators, every individual is committed to delivering the best results.

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Level 3
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Auckland, New Zealand 1010

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Level 3, 109 Queen Street, Auckland CBD

Level 3, 109 Queen Street, Auckland CBD


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