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Getting regular medical exams from a GP Auckland CBD whom you can trust and are comfortable with is a great way to manage your health and wellbeing.

Role of a GP Auckland CBD

If you need a non-emergency medical service and preventive care, you must go to your GP Auckland CBD. A GP Auckland CBD is qualified and trained in medicine to treat people for general health problems such as illnesses or injuries. Some of the GP’s specialize in areas such as old age care or children’s health.

Developing a good relationship with an experienced GP Auckland CBD is one of the best ways to manage your healthcare. Over time, they get to know you and become familiar with your medical history. You may have to visit a couple of GP’s before you find the one whom you can trust and are the most comfortable with. It’s best to have one knowledgeable GP Auckland CBD for coordinating your overall healthcare rather than going to multiple healthcare practitioners.

Some of the services provided by a GP Auckland CBD include:

Diagnosing and treating various diseases

Mental health advice

Prescribing medication

Referring to specialists

Family planning advice

Doing scans


Making an appointment with a GP Auckland CBD

When you make an appointment with your GP Auckland CBD, you are automatically given a short appointment of about 10-15 minutes. In case you want a long appointment, you can always request it beforehand. People often prefer long appointments when it’s the first time they see a new doctor or are for a family visit. If you don’t want to wait for your turn, make sure you make your appointment for the first slot in the morning or immediately after lunch.

Preparing for your appointment with GP Auckland CBD

In order to get the most out of your appointment with your GP Auckland CBD, make sure you go with a little preparation as it can help save a lot of time. Think about what you want to get out of this consultation, for example, do you need a new prescription or do you want to discuss new symptoms?

Here’s how you can prepare for your appointment:

Make notes about your recent symptoms. It will be of great help if you record when your symptoms actually occurred, how long they lasted, and what did you do right before you felt them

If you don’t know about your family’s medical history, ask your family members about it and list all the illnesses that run in your family

Write all the medications you are taking including vitamins and herbal remedies too

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