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Panel Physician

A panel physician is a medical doctor who is authorized by governments of countries to conduct immigration medical evaluations. Moreover, a panel physician must follow the set procedures to make sure that the person who is appearing for a medical examination is the same person who is actually applying for immigration. Additionally, it is the panel physician who is responsible for the entire examination that includes chest radiography and all other important lab procedures.

Other than that, the panel physician is also responsible for recording all the test results and consultations on the prescribed forms. They should make certain that all the completed medical reports are sent directly and safely to the consular officer. However, the panel physician is not responsible for determining whether an applicant is eligible to apply to enter another country. This decision has to be made by the consular officer after reviewing all important documents, including the medical examination and other records.

How can I find a doctor to do my immigration medical exam?

Only a panel physician can do the immigration medical exam. You cannot use your family doctor for this purpose. Some important things you must know about panel physicals and the medical exam are as followed:

  • You can choose a panel physician anywhere in the world, even in a country where you don’t live
  • You have to pay for the medical examination; however, the cost will differ from one-panel physician to another
  • When you make an appointment with a panel physician, don’t forget to ask what you have to bring to your medical exam

Why do I need a medical examination?

If you are planning to visit another country for more than 6 months, are going to work in healthcare, or are applying for permanent residence, then you will need to have a medical exam. It is extremely important for public health as it helps prevent the spread of diseases.

How long will my application take if I need a medical exam?

The medical exam results take about four weeks to process when you have applied for temporary residency. However, if you are applying for permanent residency, then it will take about three months to process your results after they are released by the panel physicians.

I’m pregnant. Can I wait until after I give birth to take the medical exam?

You have to get the medical exam done even if you are pregnant. However, some parts of the exam are postponed and will be conducted once you give birth. If you are pregnant, you must discuss your options regarding your medical exam with the panel physician.

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