Medical Examination Process for New Zealand Immigration


Proper health and safety policies are implemented in New Zealand to ensure the well-being of the New Zealand population. In order to maintain a healthy environment, people who wish to apply for certain visa types, when moving to New Zealand, are required to take a medical examination. Two of the most frequent questions are answered as followed:

Are my family members required to take medical examinations?

There are certain visa types that require all members of the family to meet specific health requirements. It doesn’t matter whether they are applying for the visa or are planning to join the applicant’s visa in the future. For such visa types, the rule are simple: ‘if one fails, all fail’. This means that in case one of the family members fails to meet the health requirement and there is no availability to a health waiver, then no other member of that family will be granted visa, including the primary applicant.

Will I get to see my report/how is the report sent?

You are not supposed to collect any reports after all your examinations are completed. In the majority of cases, the report is forwarded to the Department of Home Affairs within three days via e-Medical. In case your examination results turn out to be abnormal, a panel physician will let you know during the consultation session.

Being a panel physician for Australian Immigration Medical Examinations

The Australian Immigration Medical Examinations are conducted by panel physicians and chief radiologists. A panel physician plays an extremely important role in conducting IMEs for individuals who want to either visit or migrate to Australia. Panel physicians and radiologists are also referred to as panel members.

As a panel physician, you will have to follow the Panel Member Instructions for Australian IMEs to carry out your responsibilities. These instructions also help a panel physician understand a lot of things such as:

  • Role and obligations as a panel member
  • The support that can be expected to receive from the department
  • IME requirements
  • The standards of the services
  • Clinic facilities required

All the instructions for panel members are available on the department’s website in electronic form. These instructions are reviewed and updated periodically. In case there are any changes, the panel members are updated immediately. It is the responsibility of a panel physician to keep himself informed of the latest version of instructions and any updates.

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