NZ Panel Sizes for Primary Care Physicians

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Maintaining a good patient-doctor relationship is an extremely important part of primary care. This is the reason the NZ panel is made so a group of patients can be assigned to one specific doctor or a clinical team.

A doctor has limits to the number of patients he can effectively treat and care for. There are various ways to determine the number of patients a doctor can care for with ease.

Primary Care Physicians

With advancements in technology and an improved health care system, now doctors recognize the importance of improving patient access to medical care. Moreover, now it is made sure that patients are given appointments without any delays and without hurting continuity of care. In simple words, it means seeing patients when their need arises and not passing them to another provider or bumping them to another day.

The ability of a doctor to build and sustain a meaningful relationship with patients largely depends on the NZ panel size.

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Why is it important to define NZ panels?

Ensuring which patients are assigned to which doctors are important for multiple reasons:

It makes patients feel at ease and happy. Patients expect doctors to give them a quality health care experience and also be able to access their health provider whenever they need to. Establishing NZ panels allows patients to link with a doctor they want to develop health care relationships with.

Having NZ panels’ helps in defining the workload. When you have NZ panels, it allows you to divide and define workload and also aids in making sure that each provider is appointed a fair share of the workload.

NZ panels reveal doctors performance issues. For example, if two providers have the same NZ panel size but one provider is more in demand as compared to the other, then the practice can find out why this difference is there and whether it is acceptable or not.

It helps in improving the outcomes. When you establish NZ panels, the health care providers can commit to continuity which automatically results in improved clinical outcomes.

NZ Panel Sizes for Primary Care Physicians

What should the NZ panel size be?

Both practices and individual health care providers should not take a workload that they cannot manage. If an NZ panel is too large, it will result in delays in services, hence resulting in discontinuity. Meanwhile, if the NZ panel is too small, it may not be enough to support the practice. If you want to provide timely service, then it’s necessary to ensure that the demand for appointments is equal to the supply of appointments.

What do you do with an over-paneled provider?

If a provider is over-paneled, these tips can help reduce his or her NZ panel:

  • Do not allow new patients to visit over-paneled doctors, at least temporarily. Also, excuse the provider to see the patients of absent providers.
  • Support the doctor by providing more resources like additional nurses, clerical staff, or even additional rooms.
  • Shift patients to another NZ panel. Make sure you inform the patients directly via letter.

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