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Primary health care is an initial contact between a healthcare system and a patient. It provides information and facilities to patients for better health outcomes.

Doctors and professionals of primary healthcare in Auckland CBD generally provide their services to different patients, and they have a vast knowledge and experience about many physical, social, and psychological diseases.

Primary Care Objectives

The foremost aim of primary care is to boost public health by giving an easy approach to healthcare. It purposes for the betterment of whole individual health despite focusing on a targeted disease or an organ. It works for the welfare and good health of patients by treating the health issues that they are suffering.

In 2016, the Ministry updated the New Zealand Health Strategy, which recognises that primary healthcare professionals must fulfil various crucial and central roles. The idea behind is “All New Zealanders living well”. These are;

  • Providing comprehensive medical care.
  • Avoiding social discrepancies in medical care so that each New Zealander can get benefit from it.
  • Managing wellbeing services to address medical problems.
  • Assisting to make medical care a segment of public approach in each circle.
  • Train individuals for making a healthcare system functional.

Increasing the degree of cooperation by all who are directly or indirectly linked with healthcare services like practitioners, patients, nurses, pharmacists or health workers.

They are also responsible for diagnosing the disease, making records of the past medical history of the patient and his/her family, and for making a proper treatment plan for the patient’s health conditions.

Advantages and Barriers of Primary Healthcare

If it is executed accurately, it is beneficial for general public health. It lessens the rate of hospitalisations and decreases secondary or tertiary healthcare demand. Its benefits are;

  •  Helps in decreasing monetary weight on the public healthcare system.
  • Easy access to medical care facilities.
  •  Provides the best quality of medical care.
  • Concentrates on providing preventive care and early interventions that prevent the development of ailments.
  • Better patient and doctor relationships.

Nonetheless, there are a few challenges that hinder the benefits of primary care. A decreasing number of primary doctors is a huge challenge, as the need for medical practitioners is increasing day by day. Also, the nature of care is variable between various professionals, areas and nations.

Primary Care Professionals Types

Various types are responsible for providing health care services to patients.

  • Primary care physician
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Family practice doctor.
  • Internal medicine doctor
  • Gynecologist
  • Obstetrician
  • Geriatrician
  • Pediatrician

The general practitioner or primary care physician is the most general type of primary care providers in Auckland CBD, New Zealand. They have all the knowledge of human ailments and different health conditions.

It is essential to take a note that non-primary care doctors don’t offer a similar level of continue care as they are specialised in a specific medical area. Primary healthcare providers other than physicians provide services like lifestyle and daily diet modifications for patients with chronic illnesses such as heart problems, diabetes and kidney stones.

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