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What are Panel Physicians?

Panel physicians are medically qualified, registered, and competent health and medical professionals designated by the consulate and embassy or in their home country. To verify that the person attending the medical examination is the person who is applying, panel physicians must undertake particular identification processes set by the government of the designated country. For example, in New Zealand, panel physicians are radiologists and doctors authorized to conduct a health assessment and chest x-ray for visa applicants for New Zealand.

panel physician

Role of Panel Physicians

Panel physicians do not make eligibility judgments although they conduct immigration medical examinations. Panel physicians must perform complete inspections, such as required laboratory procedures and radiographs of chests.

The panel physician is also in complete control of documenting all testing procedures and discussions on the specified forms and verifying that the finalized medical report forms are forwarded immediately to the consular officer. However, the panel physician is not responsible for determining whether an applicant is eligible to petition for admission to New Zealand; the consular officer makes that conclusion after evaluating all records, including the medical examination report.

These physicians perform health assessments of immigrants under the supervision of their respective countries, which allow migrants. In addition, as per the directions of the New Zealand government, panel physicians execute screening protocols.

Panel Physicians must follow the Practical Guidelines for the Assessment of Migrants for each destination country. Technical Specifications and criteria differ from country to country and might vary by migrating an individual’s visa type. However, all Panel Physicians must follow the Basic Guidelines, variances in practice management throughout the world present unique possibilities for professional development among the Panel Physician group.

To prevent the transmission of infectious illness and ensure public health and safety, Panel Physicians collaborate with worldwide public health and migration specialists. Panel doctors must report cases of infectious illness to the destination governments, as well as to local governments in countries where migrants reside, as specified by standards.

panel physicians

The Working of Panel Physicians

Initially, panel physicians inquire about the medical history. After that, they undergo a physical examination. Next, physicians will evaluate your general health by checking and observing your blood pressure, skin, and weight. After that, the panel physician may refer you for special tests, such as bloodwork and chest x-ray.

The International Panel Physicians Association (IPPA)

There is an association between countries’ governments like the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada and International Panel Physicians Association (IPPA). Such collaboration and association provide training and education prospects for Panel Physicians and other healthcare professionals who perform immigration medical examinations (IMEs).

To complete the Basic Directions, the IPPA provides specific training and chances for Panel Physicians to improve their leadership and management skills. With the help of active and competency-based learning methodologies, our educational programs empower participants to explore the issues and solutions relevant to their work. In addition, in a collaborative teaching setting, IPPA allows participants to connect directly with health and migration specialists, Consular Officers, and other professionals.

The group of medical specialists from the top in Auckland City CBD is also known as “109 Doctors” who find pleasure in providing high-quality primary health care. They are particularly well-known for medical examination services for immigration and expediting the procedure.



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