The largest number of visits are done to family doctors. Family doctors provide complete care to their patients of any gender or age as compared to other health specialists. They handle a variety of health related cases of different patients. A famous saying is, “Family doctors do not cure illnesses; they take care of patients.”

The most important and crucial roles a family doctor plays for us are;

  • Take care of all ages and genders:

Family doctors are responsible to give a comprehensive, complete care to their patients irrespective of their age, race, gender, and stage of life. They are highly skilled and can treat a number of medical issues and diseases on a very huge scale. These skills make their patients to be confident.

  • Teach their patients about health:

Generally, we believe that doctors only come when a patient is ill. While, on the other hand, they are responsible to guide and give awareness to their patients on prevention, and managing diseases including physical and mental fitness. Family physicians always try to decrease stress level of their patients, give awareness to them on how to stay fit by assessing weight and managing their diet and nutrition.

  • First diagnose for initial signs of serious conditions:

Family doctors is the first one who screen for first signs related to an emerging illness. They perform medical tests and after results, observe and keep a check on your health and guide you further about your state of health.

  • Take care for chronic diseases:

Long term diseases are challenging for a patient, from unlimited hospital’s visits and therapies to bearing a continuous pain. During this whole trauma, having a family practitioner is such a blessing who gives you daily care  and try to keep you emotionally stable as well. They keep a track of your health state by diagnostic tests and determine the best possible steps so that patient can recover fast.

  • Manage daily ailments and sickness:

Your family medicine doctor is the only health practitioner who treats your common sicknesses such as cold, cough, fitness issues, headache etc. Hence, your family doctor manages your health needs in every stage of life.

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Level 3
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Main Number : 09-3660 109
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Level 3, 109 Queen Street, Auckland CBD

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