The Immigration Medical Exam: Frequently Asked Questions

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Immigration medical exam is a part of the immigration visa process. Many people find immigration medical exams very intimidating. However, one must remember that only a few health issues can come in the way of getting a visa while other health issues can be easily treated. Given below are answers to some frequently asked questions about immigration medical exams:

What do they check in an immigration medical exam?

During an immigration medical exam, the doctor checks your medical history and performs relevant tests. A blood test is done to look for any serious health issues. Finally, the doctor checks for any physical or mental disorders those are associated with harmful behavior. Moreover, the doctor also checks if there are any signs of drug addiction.

Could my non-infectious chronic medical problem prevent me from getting a visa?

Most probably not. If you have health issues like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, or these medical issues don’t prevent you from working or don’t require serious care, then they wouldn’t be a problem. This is especially true if you are getting proper treatment and are stable. In that case, it’s not a big deal. However, it could be a problem if it’s a terminal disease and you require full-time medical care at a health care facility.

Could my depression prevent me from getting a visa?

During immigration, medical exam doctors also check your mental state. If your depression is under control and is being treated well, it shouldn’t be an issue. The doctor will only be concerned if your depression prevents you from working or sees that your depression can cause self-harm or hurt others. However, if you are stable and functioning well, there won’t be any problem.

Could my history of substance abuse prevent me from getting a visa?

If you are currently addicted to drugs or dependant on any illegal substance, this is definitely an issue while securing a visa. In case you are on a road to recovery, you may be able to immigrate. Simply try to be honest with your examiner. Also, bring a letter from your doctor that proves you are clean and recovering.

Why do I need to pay a deposit to secure an appointment?

When you make an appointment for an immigration medical exam, you are required to deposit in order to secure your appointment. If you are making an appointment at the medical centre, you can make the deposit and you will be provided with the instructions about your medical exam. However, you can call the medical centre to arrange a time and can make an online payment as well. When the online payment is confirmed, your appointment will be arranged.

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