What do Patients Really Want from a GP Doctor?

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A patient’s relationship with a GP doctor is a lot more than just diagnosing and treating illnesses. Surely, that’s an important part but when a proper connection is established, the relationship can bring peace of mind to the patient. In short, the patient and the GP doctor work together as a wellness team to ensure that the patient enjoys optimal health. Here’s what a patient really wants from a GP doctor:


It’s alright if a GP doctor doesn’t know everything about a patient’s illness or diagnosis, but it is expected from a doctor to share as much as possible. Uncertainty is acceptable as long as patients know the truth. Everyone understands that doctors are humans too and medical errors can occur. However, patients want their doctors to accept their mistake and need assurance that they are doing everything to fix the error. A professional GP doctor will always educate his patients about the risks and the success rate of the relevant procedures.

Active Listening

Patients expect their doctors to have a conversation as it is extremely helpful in improving the patients’ health. Moreover, patients want a GP doctor who respects their opinion and listens to them as they talk about their health issues. If a GP doctor is always rushing through appointments, it will never be useful. A good doctor always listens to the patient without interrupting or making them feel unimportant.


A GP doctor who is an active listener will always be preferred over the one who is always in a hurry. Additionally, patients feel more comfortable sharing information about sensitive topics with a doctor who listens carefully. If a patient is not comfortable talking about their concerns, this means they don’t find you trustworthy enough.

Care and Connection

Most patients are aware that many medical professionals have ulterior motives and are only concerned about making money. They know that more care doesn’t equal to better care. Patients want to make sure they are getting the right care from their GP doctor. Also, patients expect doctors to have a face-to-face conversation as they want you to listen to them. Finding about their medical history is only the start. Your patients want a connection of emotional level.


If your patient is feeling thirsty, arrange for some water. If your patient is feeling cold, make sure they are seated in a warmer room. Don’t just focus on fancy ceilings and bright lighting. Instead, focus on hiring a staff that is compassionate and will treat every patient with dignity. Plus, don’t make your patients wait for hours and then spend a few minutes with them during their appointment as it can make them feel ignored and disrespected.


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