Why General Practitioners/ Family Doctors Are Important For Us?

What is a Family Doctor?

Family Doctor, in the medical field, treats all major and minor illnesses, educate patients about preventive measures, and if the situation goes worse, refer them to hospital. 

They develop a patient-centred approach, oriented to individual, his/her family, and their community. This includes extensive care according to the needs of patients and makes specific decisions according to the prevalence and incidence of disease in the community. They are responsible for promoting health and well-being both by an appropriate and effective intervention. They have specific problem-solving skills.

In short, GPs are the medical professionals that you first see when you have any medical illness. They are the first who diagnose and treat the disease or decide to refer you to another medical specialist or department.

What Family Doctors do for you?

Family Doctors use their best knowledge to diagnose and treat the underlying diseases. They are the first point of contact in the health care system providing unlimited access to their patients. They deal with all health-related issues regardless of age, gender, religion or race. They commonly perform the following tasks;

  • Treat acute and chronic diseases.
  • Provide you with the best health advice.
  • Prescribe suitable medication.
  • Educate you about preventive measures for any disease.
  • Do your medical history documentation.
  • Perform medical screening like cervical screening, blood pressure screening etc.
  • Involve in the ongoing care of individuals and families.
  • Perform surgery for minor injuries or diseases.
  • Make the best decision for your family, especially for children and women during pregnancies.
  • Perform routine tests, e.g. blood tests, glucose tests, cholesterol tests.
  • When necessary, do vaccination to the patient.
  • If the medical situation is out of control, they refer the patient to another respective health specialist.

Family practitioners play a crucial part in our healthcare system. They work efficiently by coordinating with other professionals in the primary healthcare setting. Through effective communication, they build a significant relationship between a patient and a doctor. 

GPs Working Hours:

GPs don’t have limited hours of duty, and they are so responsive to calls all the time and take rapid actions on emergency calls. Always follow-up with patients regarding necessary information on their health situation. 

How to identify the best Family Doctor/ GP?

While choosing the best GP, necessary points to be considered are;

  • He/she gives importance to the patient and listens to them when deciding about treatment.
  • You feel comfortable about discussing your health conditions.
  • Is he/she easily accessible to get an appointment?
  • He/she always tries to understand the patient’s condition
  • He/she cares for a patient’s privacy and confidentiality.
  • Is he/she competent?

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