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Five reasons you should have a Family Doctor

There are times when sudden flu-like symptoms, unexpected rash, severe back pain, or some other issues come out of nowhere. That’s when many people don’t know where to turn for help. If you experience such symptoms often, you probably need a family doctor. Listed below are some reasons why you should have a family doctor. Family…

Factors that make a good General Practitioner (GP)

Medicine is, without doubt, one of the most prestigious professions. However, it is not for the faint of heart. The question is what does it take to be a good GP doctor? Good GP doctors are good communicators If you want to be a good GP doctor, you have to be a good listener. Let the…

Medical Examination and the Role of the Panel Physician

Panel Physician A panel physician is a medical doctor who is authorized by governments of countries to conduct immigration medical evaluations. Moreover, a panel physician must follow the set procedures to make sure that the person who is appearing for a medical examination is the same person who is actually applying for immigration. Additionally, it is…

What Makes a Good GP Doctor?

Are you planning to become a GP doctor? If yes, then you must be wondering, ‘what makes a GP doctor stand out?’ Working as a GP doctor is not just a respectable job but it’s also extremely fulfilling. However, it’s not for everyone. Obviously, no doctor can be perfect, but there are certain characteristics that must…


Preparing for Immigration Medical Examination for Visa Application

Anyone who wishes to permanently live, work or study in New Zealand needs to pass immigration medical Auckland. The Immigration Department provides an application form that contains a lot of questions about your present health and medical history. In order to fulfill all the immigration medical Auckland requirements, you will have to get examined by…


Medical Examination Process for New Zealand Immigration

Proper health and safety policies are implemented in New Zealand to ensure the well-being of the New Zealand population. In order to maintain a healthy environment, people who wish to apply for certain visa types, when moving to New Zealand, are required to take a medical examination. Two of the most frequent questions are answered…



The largest number of visits are done to family doctors. Family doctors provide complete care to their patients of any gender or age as compared to other health specialists. They handle a variety of health related cases of different patients. A famous saying is, “Family doctors do not cure illnesses; they take care of patients.”…


Healthy students are eligible to obtain a New Zealand visa according to immigration New Zealand. According to your stay in New Zealand and from where you belong, you have to provide certificates of medical for immigration application. Who are required to produce certificates of medical for immigration? While applying you have to show your medical…

city doctor health test

Primary Health Care In Auckland CBD

Primary health care is an initial contact between a healthcare system and a patient. It provides information and facilities to patients for better health outcomes. Doctors and professionals of primary healthcare in Auckland CBD generally provide their services to different patients, and they have a vast knowledge and experience about many physical, social, and psychological…

Chinese medical doctor


We provide extensive range of primary health care and Chinese traditional medicine service. 109 Doctors is a team of medical experts from the best in Auckland City CBD Chinese Traditional Medicine includes various techniques intended to assist individuals in maintain health. 109 Doctors is a team of medical experts providing extensive range of Chinese traditional…

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