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A general practitioner (GP) is a medical professional who practices medicine in the community and is usually the first person people rush when they need medical care. If you enroll, your fees will be lower. GP deals with individuals, families, and the general population. Community and population also benefit from primary, comprehensive community-based, and ongoing…

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What are Panel Physicians? Panel physicians are medically qualified, registered, and competent health and medical professionals designated by the consulate and embassy or in their home country. To verify that the person attending the medical examination is the person who is applying, panel physicians must undertake particular identification processes set by the government of the…


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Is it possible for a doctor to immigrate to New Zealand? The three categories of visas available to doctors are: Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa a llows you to work and live in the USA. This is for those who desire to relocate to New Zealand permanently. If your work is in a field with…

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How to get immigration medical Auckland?

When should you have a medical examination? Please ensure that you have all of your visa application documents ready to submit to us after you have completed your medical examination. If you are required to undergo a medical examination, please ensure that you have all of your visa application documents ready to submit to us…

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NZ Panel Sizes for Primary Care Physicians

Maintaining a good patient-doctor relationship is an extremely important part of primary care. This is the reason the NZ panel is made so a group of patients can be assigned to one specific doctor or a clinical team. A doctor has limits to the number of patients he can effectively treat and care for. There…

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The Immigration Medical Exam: Frequently Asked Questions

Immigration medical exam is a part of the immigration visa process. Many people find immigration medical exams very intimidating. However, one must remember that only a few health issues can come in the way of getting a visa while other health issues can be easily treated. Given below are answers to some frequently asked questions about immigration medical exams:

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What do Patients Really Want from a GP Doctor?

A patient’s relationship with a GP doctor is a lot more than just diagnosing and treating illnesses. Surely, that’s an important part but when a proper connection is established, the relationship can bring peace of mind to the patient. In short, the patient and the GP doctor work together as a wellness team to ensure that the patient enjoys optimal health. Here’s what a patient really wants from a GP doctor:


Auckland City Medical Centre, a Great Choice for Healthcare

Whether you are looking for primary care for overall wellness or need specialized care for some serious condition, you can always trust Auckland City Medical Centre for high-quality and innovative services. Our healthcare experts combine expertise and compassion to work on your unique health needs and personalize special care plans only for you. All the…

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