What To Bring


  • Guardian's photo ID is needed for under 18 years old;
  • Don't accept any form of passport copy


  • Latest medical report;
  • Regular medications list (name, dosage);



  • Midwife Report with due date for pregnancy;
  • Child Wells Booklet for baby(< 1yrs ) born in NZ;

What Will Happen?

Please note immigration medical exams may take up to 4 hours without an appointment!

Step 1

Fill up Immigration Medical Exam Form (if you haven’t).

Step 2

We create NZER number in eMedical system​ for you.

Step 3

  • Information sheet with NZER number will give it to you;
  • Submit on the day;

* If there is any abnormal result, staff will inform you
* Not sure about Chest X-ray? Please contact your lawyer, agent or contact 09-914-4100 or visit immigration website.

These test will check protein, blood and glucose in the urine. 

  • Drink more water
  • 7 days after menstruation / period finish, is suggested. 
If the 1st sample is abnormal, another urine test will be required (at extra cost).*2nd test can be done in another day without appointment (but passport is required).h

If the 2nd sample is abnormal, this sample may be sent to the laboratory for testing (at extra cost).

*Limited Medical don’t have urine test.

  • No fasting – Eat and Drink normally;
  • Any  fear of blood or needles, please inform our staff;

Blood test includes : Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HbA1c, Creatinine + eGFR and Full blood count testing.

The blood test results will be out 1-2 working days after the exam day.

* If blood test is abnormal, further testing may be required at client’s cost.
* If only required specific blood testing by immigration, please refer to our page for further details
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Vision test (glasses may require)

Any tests above show abnormal, a medical report will be required.

  • Basic health questions;
  • Body check; 
  • 45 years old or over, breast exam is required;
  • 70 years old or over, mini mental exam is required;
Any checks above shows abnormal, a medical report will be required.

* May not in this order.*

Step 4

General Medical Exam or Chest X-ray is done!

Thank you for your patient and cooperation! The case will be submitted to immigration with 1-2 working days.

Service Fee

Immigration Medical Exam Services

Limited immigration  medical exam
Doctor Assessment Blood test Chest X-Ray Price




General immigration Medical  exam
Age Doctor Assessment Nurse Assessment Urine Test Blood Test Chest X-Ray Price
0-4(Under 5)


5-10(Under 11)


11-14(Under 15)


15 or Over



11 or Over

Chest X-Ray ONLY


Any Age

Extra reports required by immigration

$90 (Admin Fee) +

Investigation Fee(If required)

*Updated on 1st July 2023

70 or over needs mental assessment, it will cost $90 extra.

45 or over woman needs breasts exam, it will cost $30 extra.

*The price could be changed without notice, please CONTACT US for more information.