Service Fee

General Practice Services

Age Enrolled Patient Casual Patient
GP Consultation Under 14 Free $45
14-17 $13 $65
18 or Over $19.5 $80
ACC Consultation Any Age $26.5 $80
Repeat Rescription Under 14 Free $40
14-17 $5 $40
18 or Over $14 $40
Fax or email prescription extra $5
Work and Income 16 or over $29.5 (Conditions Applied)
Driver License (DL9/DL12) 16 or over $80
Service Enrolled Patient Casual Patient
Nurse Service Swab $40 $40 + lab testing fee
Smear Free or $40 $40 + lab testing fee
Blood Test $25 $25 + lab testing fee
Blood Pressure Measuring $10 $20
Wound Care From $25 (depends on the size) From $25 (depends on the size)
Ear Syringing $25 each ear
  • updated on 30th June 2020.

*Maternity consultation and vaccination service are free with the condition, contact us for more information.

*The price could be changed without notice, please check with the receptionist.

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Immigration Medical Exam Services

*General medical exam includes doctor assessment, nurse assessment, urine test, and blood test;

*Tests may change depends on your age, please check the details below;

Age Doctor Assessment Nurse Assessment Urine Test Blood Test Chest X-Ray Price
0-4(Under 5)


5-10(Under 11)
11-14(Under 15)


15 or Over



70 or Over √ + extra mental assessment


√ + extra mental assessment


11 or Over

Chest X-Ray ONLY


Any Age

Reports required by immigration

$80 (Admin Fee) +

Investigation Fee(If required)

*Updated on 11 NOV 2021

*We don’t accept credit cards or international bank cards

*We accept NZ local Debit cards, EFTPOS, or cash only.

*The price could be changed without notice, please CONTACT US for more information.

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Please download enrolment form, sign and send it back to us with your passport copy (pages with personal details and visa/permit information)
It’s free to enrol!

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